The road back home – An OFW story on online selling

The road back home – An OFW story on online selling

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  • May 23, 2017
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Online selling truly knows no boundaries, wherever and whenever, persistence and patience allows you to transact business seamlessly via the internet. We now feature two of our beloved Resellers who despite the distance and longingness of with their love ones while working abroad have started their own online businesses with the help of MyDivisoria PH.


Junavelle Gasmin-Senio recently got married but needs to fly back to Dubai and work as a private driver. A native of South Cotabato, she decided to go abroad with the same reason as most OFWs have, financial freedom. On the other hand, Ma. Teresa Pangilinan has a more compelling reason why she left the Philippines to work as a DH in Kuwait. Her son is in dire need of medical attention and she sees working abroad as the only opportunity right now to get that money fast for her son.


Junavelle used to work with DOLE as a production worker in South Cotabato, while Teresa or Era was with Rustans prior leaving the Philippines. BOth recently started their online businesses selling mostly to their OFW friends and their existing network in the Philippines. While both have a decent sales background which made it easier for them to do the business, being online in Facebook has not just become their past time, but now serve as their main tool for their businesses.


Receiving and sending payments are also not a problem for these two resellers are most of their customers sends money to them via bank remittances or similar peer to peer payment method which are accessible in their respective countries. What’s more interesting however, and both claims, that doing this business would not be possible if not for their husbands who acts as intermidiary in receiving, picking up or sending their orders. As these two ladies claim, it has now become a family run business that the couples enjoy. Raking up between P3000-P16,000 as additional income a month is no joke. While it takes a lot of patience specially when starting up. The additional income they get is something they all look forward to, as both plans to go back to their families real soon.


It wasn’t easy at first though, as Junavelle says, her husband keeps on complaining about her inboxes being full of inquiries, but are not converting to sales. But this did not stop her from posting products and answering queries. After two weeks, persistence proved worth while as she converted her 1st sale. Era, was just testing the waters of online selling as she thought of ways of getting additional income while doing Facebook, but this too proved worth while for her as inquiries and sales from her friends and relatives started pouring in.


Era advises to just keep on doing it and just be used to talking to “bogus buyers and joy reservers”. Thinking positive keeps and the love for her family keeps her motivated. Stress is there, as she says, but just keep on goin, Era says. Meanwhile, Junavelle thinks of selling online as her way out of getting homesick. Her online business keeps her busy in her free time at work. The Lord will bless those who believe – this is what she keeps on saying to herself and to those who wants to try doing this business online. Just trust and be patient, with the additional income she’s getting from her business now, she gets to save more.


MyDivisoria PH believes nothing is easy. But our company is here to help and support every aspiring Filipino who wants to start their online business. we believe that e-commerce is not for the limited few, but should be for everyone, not just as consumers, but also as individual sellers. The ecosystem of e-commerce is ever changing, and MyDivisoria PH is here to be in the forefront in empowering Filipinos to be part of this multi-billion dollar industry.


For those wanting to start their own online businesses or is just looking for a trusted, accessible and affordable supplier, email us at